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Huawei empowers innovative ISPs in the era of digital disruption

Zafar Anjum | June 21, 2016
Huawei recently launched a DCI solution which is not a one product compromise, but a complete DCI solution for the cloud era. The ICT solutions leader has unveiled a new ICT architecture that features cloud-pipe-device collaboration based on cloud computing to help customers realize agile and coordinated innovation.

2.     DCI in Cloud Era

Businesses can work with Huawei to explore data center interconnect architecture. Huawei offers both long and short-haul transmission solutions and have worked with multiple leading companies to implement the first OSN9800 commercial platform in Malaysia, as well as the first T-SDN commercial platform in Singapore.

3.     Access Network Architecture

HD video & Cloud services call for more access bandwidth & new network architecture, the new Gigaband internet access. It is made up by a simplied network architecture, and offers service on-demand and allows smooth migration.

It has already been implemented in the Four Seasons Hotel Country Club in Portugal and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

(This content is brought to you by Huawei.)


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