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LastPass takes your passwords to the cloud

Marco Tabini | April 9, 2013
These days, it's hard for me to imagine life without password-management software. Good "password hygiene" is essential to protect my online data from prying eyes, and it would simply be impossible to handle the dozens of passwords I use every day in a safe way if all I relied on was my poor, overtaxed brain.

The only significant tradeoff that the app makes is in its lack of a true OS X look and feel. The Safari and Chrome extensions that I tested work fine, but they don't feel as though they were built with Mac users in mind; obviously, this is a consequence of the fact that LastPass calls the Web its home and that it was designed with cross-platform access in mind. On the flip side, if you happen to own both a PC and a Mac, the ability to share your credentials between them might well be worth this small inconvenience.

LastPass is a pretty good product, particularly if you consider that all the functionality I have listed so far is available free of charge. Unfortunately for us Apple users, native iOS support is only available to premium subscribers; luckily, this can be had for a mere $12 per year--much less than many other solutions--and comes with some neat additional features, like the ability to store your passwords on a USB key for offline use and even sharing your logins on a one-off basis with friends and coworkers without having to reveal your credentials.

Bottom line

Considering its ease of use and wide range of features, LastPass is a great password management solution for beginners and experienced operators alike; hopefully, the attractive pricing will be enough to convince even the most hesitant user to give this great way of managing your online persona a go.


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