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London Gatwick Airport takes out 200 servers, moves to cloud, BYOD

Ellen Messmer | May 8, 2013
Cloud computing and a "bring your own device" (BYOD) strategy aren't technology approaches typically associated with running an airport's information-technology operations. But London Gatwick, the U.K.'s second largest airport, is pushing heavily into both.

The move to cloud computing and BYOD mobile has meant that even though Gatwick's data centers might be diminished, its primary bandwidth, especially for Internet access, has not. Where once Gatwick had only two 100Mbps bandwidth from BT, the airport has added a second service provider with new fiber-optics lines as well to maintain two 1Gbps circuit capacity for all that reaching to the cloud.

Can everything an airport might typically do go into the cloud? Ibbitson says probably not. The airport network also supports about 200 other parties, such as airline carriers. And since airports maintain robust video surveillance systems, these would not appear to be candidates for cloud computing.


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