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Motorola predicts increased mobility

MIS Asia writer | Feb. 28, 2011
Mobility, video and security have been highlighted by major communications firm Motorola as key trends for 2011.

How do you think 2011 will be different from 2010 relating to management strategy, approaches to IT infrastructure, IT budget spending and business confidence?

  • Streamlining has long been the buzzword for the enterprises as they continually look towards increasing efficiencies across the enterprise to improve the bottom-line. Thus, we expect to continue to see an increase in reliance on information technology to improve efficiency and productivity for the workforce. At the same time, management would continue to be very careful in their IT investments. We may not see significant reduction in terms of IT investment; however, management would be extremely careful in choosing the right partner to work with as they deploy their system.

What country-specific issues do you see confronting Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong relating to information and communications technology strategies in 2011?

  • As enterprises continue to drive toward mobility, there will be greater concern for the security and data integrity of the information passed between mobile devices and with the backend servers. This is in addition to the myriad devices to be adopted by the organizations.
  • There is also concern that the devices might end up in the wrong hands. Hence it is an imperative for enterprises to manage effectively the security of the information, and at the same time to manage the many devices that are deployed enterprise-wide. Motorola is in forefront of this development and our AirDefense and Mobility Services Platform (MSP) are well suited to address the issues in the mobility space.

What else would you particularly like to add to our discussion relating to IT and management expectations and anticipated trends/strategies/issues that will dominate in 2011?

  • We will continue to see the drive towards mobility and the emergence of cloud computing in several verticals within the enterprise space. We also see the increasing demand at the national level to protect critical national infrastructures and citizens. Enterprises and government can looks towards evaluating and adopting the various technologies and tools available to prepare for future challenges.



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