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My Job is to Hallucinate: Unisys CTO

Eric Ernest | March 20, 2014
Jim Thompson, CTO, Unisys, talks to Computerworld India about the company's Forward! solution, the state of the Unix mission critical market and how India figures in Unisys's future plans.

Who would you say are your major competitors?
From a technology space, it's all of the suppliers, it's HP, it's going to be Dell, it's going to be IBM. We are all there together. What differentiates us I think is the service commitment to our customers, to deliver enterprise class business critical service and our focus on business critical problems. We are not trying to deal with commodity computing. We don't produce Xeon servers any longer. We use partners to deliver that technology, and I think that it's been highly commoditized so you need to deliver choices. Intel is a very strong partner of ours. We spend a fair amount of time talking to Intel and with the people that we use to build our platform products, which are the very people we compete with us as well. It's kind of an interesting world we live in, an ecosystem where you buy from each other and compete with each other at different levels. But the point is we are trying to go after a very specific piece of the business with a very specific mind-set, and this is a niche market. You are not going to find a Unisys machine in your home any time soon.


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