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Need more storage? Upgrade your drive

Tony Bradley | Jan. 26, 2012
Like taxes and death, it’s virtually inevitable that you will fill up your hard drive. In decades gone by, that might mean scrutinizing the data stored there and figuring out what to throw overboard to free up space. But, storage is relatively cheap, and there are a variety of options available to extend your storage capacity.

Choosing a Drive

Assuming you elect to expand your storage capacity by replacing your drive, you’re still not quite done with the decision process. Now, you need to decide what type and size drive to get.

You can get a traditional hard drive, a solid state drive (SSD), or a hybrid of the two like the Seagate Momentus XT line. Solid state drives are significantly more expensive than standard hard disk drives, and only come in smaller capacities like 128GB or 256GB, so they won’t really help you expand your storage capacity unless you choose to upgrade to SSD in conjunction with adopting additional external storage, or cloud data services.

When it comes to size, get the biggest drive you can afford. After all, no matter how big the new drive is, it will eventually get filled up, so you want to buy yourself as much time as possible.


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