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Pre-empting business strategies for cloud computing

C. K. Lam | June 30, 2009
This new computing model is creating a huge buzz of interest among service providers and end-users because of its potential to deliver major cost and operational benefits.

•    A highly-reliable IT infrastructure and operating capacity that can guarantee the stability and consistency of service.

•    An enhanced service infrastructure and large economies of scale through which a large physical IT infrastructure can be established and used in a cost-efficient manner.

•    Advanced software technology and efficient resource management capabilities, along with the ability to provide flexible and stable service that can rapidly accommodate diverse user needs.

•    A long-term business strategy and stable operations, which are vital to establishing private cloud computing for larger companies.

That said, one cannot overlook the fact that data centre operators and telecommunications providers are latecomers to the cloud computing market. In 2005, Google purchased a 12-hectare site in the US state of Oregon, where electricity is less expensive, and has been developing a mega data centre to globally provide IT services. Amazon has already launched a business of renting server and storage space online to companies with fees based on actual usage, while Microsoft will be releasing its cloud computing environment, Windows Azure, along side Windows 7 later this year. These initiatives are part of their efforts to seize leadership in the new cloud computing market.

In order to avoid getting left behind, data centre operators and telecommunications providers should step on the gas and evolve more quickly to being cloud computing service providers. To help them move smartly ahead and get ready for the cloud computing era, Juniper Networks has launched a series of new initiatives.

For example, over the past year, IBM and Juniper have been working together on the Stratus Project with the aim of addressing the pain points of the modern mega data centre and enabling cloud computing to fulfill its maximum potential. The goal is to create a single data centre fabric that will deliver a quantum jump in scale, performance and simplicity, with the flexibility to support fully converged and virtualised data centre environments.

Juniper Networks has a differentiating focus on simplifying data centres by reducing the layers, and improving TCO. For data centre operators and telecommunications providers, that means they have the capability to quickly pre-empt new business strategies and benefit from new market opportunities.

Enterprise clients need economically compelling solutions that help them run their businesses in smarter ways, while never taking their eyes off of security, resiliency and compliance. Cloud computing gives them the opportunity to leverage considerable cost advantages, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and control.

As enterprises and service providers gain experience with the cloud architecture model and confidence in the security and access-control technologies that are available, many will decide to deploy cloud-based services.


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