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Red Hat, Microsoft buddy up to run RHEL in Azure

Serdar Yegulalp | Feb. 17, 2016
Red Hat Enterprise Linux images are now available in Azure, with both Microsoft and Red Hat providing support -- and boosting Microsoft's hybrid cloud strategy

Such an encompassing support structure also meshes nicely with Microsoft's ambitions to make Azure into a life support system for all manner of hybrid computing. Merely allowing RHEL to be deployed in a hybrid way (locally and in Azure itself) wouldn't be enough for most customers; the point is to have such deployments supported by both Red Hat and Microsoft alike.

This stands in contrast to Amazon's approach, which has no discernible attempt to create a hybrid cloud environment for enterprises and therefore has fewer opportunities to leverage joint relationships.

Microsoft's Azure Stack hybrid play isn't only about deploying Windows Server and related Microsoft products. In the big picture, it's about making Microsoft's cloud environments receptive to many other things commonly found in enterprises, from RHEL to Oracle and SAP. What matters is for Microsoft to be under, above, and with all of it.

Source: Infoworld


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