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Report shows Docker, hybrid cloud usage on the rise

Serdar Yegulalp | Feb. 9, 2016
Survey reveals solid growth in hybrid cloud and Docker/devops tools, as well as a growing need for people with cloud expertise

Another key takeaway of RightScale's report is that use of multiple clouds is common. Eighty two percent of enterprises use more than one cloud, running apps on an average of 1.5 public and 1.7 private clouds per organization, and experimenting with approximately the same number of public and private clouds.

The implications seem plain: Enterprises want to keep their options open and are curious about different cloud providers. The only way for them to find out is to get their hands dirty.

Cloud talent needed, inquire within

RightScale also cited several shifts in attitude that seem to be a product of the maturation of the cloud market. Previously, security was perceived as the cloud's biggest challenge, but that's eclipsed across the board -- if only slightly -- by "lack of resources/expertise." Compliance, managing multiple cloud services, managing costs, and governance all remained at around the same level of concern. (Performance concerns came in last.)

The shift toward an emphasis on human resources goes hand-in-hand with any maturing technology. After the low-hanging fruit for what the cloud can accomplish is harvested, attention turns to pushing things even further, and the need for workers with boundary-pushing skill sets -- data science, cloud-based devops, and container experts -- rises accordingly.

Source: Infoworld 


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