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Singapore IT leaders are shifting to the cloud

Madura McCormack | Sept. 13, 2012
New study shows that outsourcing to the cloud is important to IT professionals

A new independent study commissioned by cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions company Savvis reiterates the well-known trend of increased cloud adoption in Singapore. But how quickly are IT professionals planning to shift?

At a bullish pace apparently, with 74 percent of Singapore IT professionals polled aiming to have their solutions outsourced to the cloud in the next five years.

The results are anything but ground-breaking, but according to managing director for Savvis Asia Mark Smith: "It's the interpretation of the results that's interesting, the underlying data hasn't changed much year-on-year."

What it means for IT leaders

According to Smith, CIOs have two concerns on their minds; how to grow the business, and how to cut cost. With infrastructure less available in the Asian office as compared to the head office, there's a lot of strain on the IT department to grow and nurture the business, Smith claims. "Therefore partnerships and relationships with cloud service providers will bring flexibility and help the business overall." 

With reference to the study, Singapore IT professionals seem to agree, with 70 percent of those polled stating that the "ability to scale up and down computer, storage and bandwidth consumption to manage fluctuating demand" is the top reason for their shift to the cloud.

But what about those that don't plan to jump aboard the cloud computing bandwagon and ride into the sunset?

The 54 percent of IT leaders that are concerned about how much management and control resource is required for cloud adoption better hold on to their swivel chairs and name plates for dear life. 

"Businesses now expect outsourcing to be the new model. CIOs that don't embrace it or try to resist it, effectively won't be around for long," claims Savvis president Bill Fathers. 

The cloud, Singapore and Savvis

The two Savvis executives were full of praise for the cloud adoption rate in Singapore. "Within Asia, we (Savvis) see Singapore as the market leader in cloud computing, ahead of Hong Kong and China," Fathers added.

This was the reason cited by the Savvis President for pumping S$100 million into the company's second data centre in Singapore dubbed SG2 that went live today.

Savvis has already leveraged the data centre to form a partnership with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to dual-host the Singapore stock exchanges services.

"Singapore enterprises are in lead position for global cloud adoption and their willingness to improve and transform the way IT is managed has spurred Savvis to invest into the country," said Fathers in closing.


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