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Startup touts private cloud as a service

Brandon Butler | June 13, 2013
Startup Metacloud says it is offering a cloud-based service of cloud computing resources.

While it sounds like somewhat of a crazy concept to deliver a cloud as a cloud service (hence the name meta), there are various other companies providing similar-types of services. SoftLayer, which IBM recently acquired, has a private cloud option that is managed by the company but sits on customer premises.

Many cloud providers, even big-name providers like Rackspace and Amazon Web Services, offer private clouds that sit on the vendors' premises which run on hardware dedicated for individual customers. Oracle has an option to house Oracle-owned database hardware on customer premises, but it is owned and managed by the company.

The Pasadena, Calif.-based company has seed funding from Yahoo founder Jerry Yang and is searching for a first round of venture financing.


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