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The rise of the personal cloud

Byron Connolly | July 4, 2014
Are decentralised, private cloud services the future of information storing and sharing?

Flamingo has developed what it calls a 'co-creation' platform, which interfaces with a company's CRM or customer databases and uses these systems to invite customers to detail exactly how they want to interact with the organisation.

Consumers 'cast out' their profiles to organisations detailing exactly the experience and relationship they want when they are dealing with individual service providers.

"Respect Network are champions of the personal cloud; these are people who fundamentally believe that the only way that business is sustainable is to bring equity back into the equation and have customers with more power than they've had," Dr Wallace said.

According to Dr Wallace, this doesn't mean taking power away from businesses but giving customers more control through a model of 'shared value creation'.

Flamingo will also soon launch its own personal cloud service and has partnered with Welcomer ID to identify users and Verify to provide income verification. Consumers will use the service to create their preferred 'experience', which will be shared among various service providers.

According to Dr Wallace, the concept of customers, owning, managing and controlling their own data is quite challenging for government and business.

"We are taking enterprises on the journey towards personal cloud," Dr Wallace says.

"Because it is so disruptive to how businesses are currently working, it will take a little bit of testing and trialling and some great use cases of organisations that are successfully doing this for it to really take off."

But it's a disruption that needs to happen, says Dr Wallace.

"It will affect the way IT departments think about data and channels to market, particularly as customers start interacting with service providers through their personal cloud rather than traditional means such as a contact centre.

"We can have most of our relationship through the cloud."


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