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VMware looks to UK for launch of European public cloud

Matthew Finnegan | Oct. 17, 2013
Hybrid cloud strategy could cause lock-in problems for customers

According to IDC analyst Spencer Izard, the VMware public cloud offers an interesting option to enterprise customers which are happy to implement VMware across their organisation, with ease of transition between internal and external workloads seen as a major plus for companies.

"They have a really compelling offer compared to someone like Amazon, where customers still have to integrate their own management platform with Amazon's. So, if you are really committed to VMware it is a really good solution," he said.

Lock-in concerns?
However Izard pointed out that the VMware hybrid cloud strategy will require a commitment to VMware products and service, and may be off-putting for some customers who want to be able to use alternative cloud providers.

Although VMware has made efforts to allay fears of lock-in by attempting to integrate with open source cloud management tools such as OpenStack, it is important that there is a clear exit strategy.

"The biggest challenge for them would be customers not wanting commit to one single vendor," he explained, though added that integration with third parties such as OpenStack or Microsoft "takes the fear out of some organisations which don't want feel they can't connect to other cloud services".

"One way around that is greater portability. They need to show a clear exit strategy and migration tools to help people onboard and offboard, as well as clear and transparent pricing, and being as scalable as possible with that pricing."

"At the end of the day people will veer towards a safe standardised platform, but they don't want to feel that they are cajoled into one vendor's strategy. Open integration will be a big thing for them."


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