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Want to run apps on IBM's quantum cloud? Don't hold your breath

Serdar Yegulalp | May 4, 2016
Plans to offer quantum computer access via IBM's cloud platform are vapor until we can run real-world apps on it

The downside for IBM is that right now there are not many real-world applications for its quantum computing setup -- it's "a research effort and not a commercial service," the IBM spokesperson said. It has not yet been determined how Quantum Experience could be turned into a consumable service like IBM Watson or the other Bluemix options.

Quantum Experience would be most useful if it could be plugged into existing data and used to process it at far greater speeds than conventional computing systems. But there's no telling how long it'll take before IBM can put enough qubits online to make that happen -- or what kind of work will be involved to build a bridge between IBM's quantum hardware and the data stored in its legacy computing environments.

For now, the plan is to get people used to the idea of quantum computing, then "see what will be the demand to leverage the quantum computing framework in new ways that we may offer in the future."

Source: Infoworld 


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