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“We were crawling, now we’re walking and ready to run”: Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda

Zafirah Salim | May 22, 2015
Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda's Area VP and MD of APAC talks about his company's growing business landscape in the APAC region as well as shares some cloud insights, including key considerations and security issues.

Jeff of Barracuda
Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda Networks' Area Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific

Earlier in March this year, I met up with Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda Networks' Area Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific at a hotel café in Singapore.  

Hurmuses assumed the role of Area VP and MD of APAC over two years ago, where he is tasked to spearhead Barracuda's business expansion in greater China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Like most global company executives, Hurmuses' job also entails him to constantly travel to check on his company's growth in the region. These days, he is mostly based in Hong Kong and Singapore as it enables him to monitor the company in the region and be constantly in touch with his regional group. Besides traveling to and fro between these two countries, Hurmuses also often travels to China and Japan, which he regards as the two "important markets" to the company.

When asked about Barracuda's business development, Hurmuses said that it has come a long way since its days as a spam company. Barracuda was first established in 2003 as a one-product company with an anti-spam appliance for enterprises. Today, the vendor has product lines across security and storage.

"In US, we are just seen as a SMB; but in Asia, we are regarded as an emerging enterprise. That's our sweet spot," said Hurmuses.

He further shared that two and a half years ago — when he first came to Singapore — he was the only one in the company. Now, the headcount has more than doubled to five people. He expects the team to further flourish in the future, adding that such growth is only a small facet of the company's business expansion.   

Business landscape in Asia

With Barracuda recently ending its financial year earlier in February, Hurmuses shared that Southeast Asia (SEA) recorded the largest number in terms of revenue within the region, signaling it as the company's biggest market. Japan on the other hand, made up the company's second biggest market.

"Two and a half years ago, Japan was the company's biggest market, whereas SEA was probably ranked second or third. China was also quite large for us at that time, but it has since changed a lot because of government controls which affected a lot of security companies. Majority pulled out or scaled back because of legislation issues," said Hurmuses.

Commenting more on the SEA market, Hurmuses said that its growth is primarily driven by two countries: Singapore and Malaysia. Between these two countries, Hurmuses admitted that the latter is doing better — and the only reason for that is because Barracuda has a longer presence in Malaysia than in Singapore. Gaining many customers from the government has also helped boost its business, he added.


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