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“We were crawling, now we’re walking and ready to run”: Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda

Zafirah Salim | May 22, 2015
Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda's Area VP and MD of APAC talks about his company's growing business landscape in the APAC region as well as shares some cloud insights, including key considerations and security issues.

Singapore is 'compliance-driven'

According to Hurmuses, despite the concept of cloud being reasonably new to the APAC region, its rate of adoption has steadily increased over the years.

He also noted that Singapore is leading in cloud adoption compared to its regional counterparts, especially in terms of "setting the standard and making people compliant".

"The direction in Singapore is compliancy and the way the Singapore market works is at a very high standard. The set of guidelines we have for developing our businesses in Singapore are very much different than what it is in other countries, such as China or Japan for instance," he said.

One such initiative that Singapore has implemented to nurture cloud in Singapore is the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Registry, which was introduced by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in October last year.

The CSP Registry aims to engender trust through transparency and help potential cloud users make better decisions when sourcing for cloud services. As such, it seeks to bring together pertinent information across CSPs that can be searched and compared quickly and easily by cloud users.

Some of these information includes listing of an individual CSPs self-disclosure form — which covers areas such as Data Control, Service Elasticity and Security Configurations — as well as Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) certification levels.

"The CSP Registry serves as another step in the right direction, promoting a greater trust and adoption of the cloud. This creates a greater transparency in the sector and will help businesses make an informed decision to connect with the right CSP for their needs and requirements. At Barracuda, we welcome the CSP Registry and believe that this goes hand-in-hand with our aim of helping businesses to stay connected and to be more efficient through the cloud," said Hurmuses.

"With the implementation of the Registry, Singapore will once again set a new standard for compliance in the cloud. This provides a new benchmark for other countries in the region to follow and will strengthen Singapore's drive as a Smart Nation," he added.  

Key cloud considerations

Building on the idea of cloud, I asked Hurmuses about some key considerations businesses should consider before embarking on this cloud journey.

"One key factor why businesses tend to hold back is because they doubt the security on cloud. There is no silver bullet to security and we can't prevent disasters. So we need to shift our focus to a recovery standpoint and think about how users can keep their data safe in the cloud. Whatever happens, we need to guarantee that their data is still going to be there," said Hurmuses.

"Users also need to know how messy it's going to be when moving data over to the cloud. A lot of things can go wrong, so the whole idea of "ease" — ease of use, ease of deployment, ease of moving over to the cloud — all these needs to be evaluated ahead of time," he added.


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