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“We were crawling, now we’re walking and ready to run”: Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda

Zafirah Salim | May 22, 2015
Jeff Hurmuses, Barracuda's Area VP and MD of APAC talks about his company's growing business landscape in the APAC region as well as shares some cloud insights, including key considerations and security issues.

Looking ahead

Hurmuses' recount of Barracuda's earlier days — it's evolution from a spam company to a portfolio company, and when Hurmuses ran a 'one-man show' when he first came to Singapore — they are all fragments of the company's humble beginnings.

Now, it is apparent that Barracuda has earned its rightful name in the security and storage industry over the years as it gains a bigger pie of the market share. 

"It's now time to think of the tier 2 markets. When I say tier 2, it does not refer to the size of the country, but the stability of its economy," said Hurmuses. As such, Hurmuses expects that Barracuda will be focusing more on markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan.

"What I always like to look at is where we are going to be three years from now. I think that three years from now, Singapore will play a very important role in the success of Barracuda and it will be one of our top-tier markets, as it is today, so we plan on further developing our business here."

"We are definitely gaining a bigger presence globally, especially in Asia Pacific. This indicates good growth, so we will continue to move forward in this direction. We were once crawling, now we are walking and ready to run," he concluded.


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