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Welcome to the postcloud future

Galen Gruman | March 1, 2016
Where we're heading: 'Cloud' no longer means where systems reside, but how they are designed and deployed

Why do I call this postcloud? Because the cloud itself isn't the point. It's an architecture, a method, a pattern. What makes a good cloud good also makes any data center good. The "private cloud" notion has been abused to mean "my data center under a new name," which is too bad. There's a real place for a private cloud, meaning systems that have the characteristics I've outlined and that happen to run on premises or in a colocation because that's the best place for them to run.

If IT can get past the notion of on-prem vs. cloud and instead focus on the underlying principles of cloud computing, it won't matter how those principles are instantiated. That is, the cloud will no longer mean where, but how. That's postcloud. And we're already on our way.

Source: Infoworld 


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