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CIO Summit 2012 Malaysia: Modular and Optimised

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 31, 2012
Craig Slattery of Dell shows the way to successful infrastructure convergence and construction of future data centers.

Craig Slattery, Director, Enterprise Product Solution Management, Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell

This interview appears as a lead up to our CIO Summit 2012 in Malaysia on September 6, 2012. Craig Slattery, Director, Enterprise Product Solution Management, Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell, will be showing delegates the way to infrastructure convergence that delivers high operational efficiency, bottom-line savings and overall IT service delivery in his presentation, Delivering Efficiencies Beyond the Cloud.

Please define convergence in the enterprise context for us, and tell us where you see it heading.
Convergence typically combines servers, storage, networking and management into a hardware stack to drive efficiency and/or agility in the data center. The goal of a converged infrastructure is to simplify data center setup and management by minimizing complexity and compatibility issues whilst delivering a platform for application workloads.

Dell is driving a different path to convergence as we believe that true efficiency is only gained when you have pervasive unification of infrastructure, operations management, application management and service delivery. By driving convergence within the infrastructure and beyond, customers will have the agility within their environment to quickly support a greater variety of business outcomes.

We already have solutions that deliver on these converged goals in heterogenous vendor environments (both physical and virtual) and are now taking those benefits and streamlining packaging to suit different customers.

Virtualisation, cloud and convergence-talk about Dell's place within each of the different segments of the ICT these present.
Dell is a leading provider of virtualization and cloud solutions and optimize our technology (Compute, Storage and Network) as well as our service offerings to provide the fastest path to efficient virtual and cloud environments. We believe these virtual and cloud solutions should be simple to order, simple to install and easy to manage.

Building upon our optimized virtual offerings we also provide the Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) for cloud automation which provides convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (both physical and virtual) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or interaction via a self-service portal. As Dell's VIS solution is heterogenous it enables us to converge not only Dell infrastructure but also other vendor equipment thus keeping an open infrastructure approach.

Dell has made significant investment into cloud technology to enable our customers with the efficiencies of Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud models. We are already offering pre-packaged and configured cloud solutions based on our VIS offering as well as delivering Microsoft's Fast Track Private Cloud and VMware's vCloud solutions-our goal is to always keep our solutions Open, Capable and Affordable with locking our customers into proprietary stacks.


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