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How to turn your old Android phone or tablet into a security camera

Derek Walter | Dec. 9, 2015
Your unused Android device can be repurposed for checking up on the baby or making sure your house is safe while you're away.

I did, however, like the two-way audio (which more than once I took the pleasure of using to confuse my cats) and the notification alerts for motion. It was actually getting the cats to move that was the challenge, more so than adjusting the alert settings.

Trial and error is the key

Anytime you dabble into a DIY project, the best advice is often to go with what works for your particular needs. There’s no reason to buy an overly complicated setup and get frustrated. That’s why these apps are a great place to start. You can put any of them to use on an old phone without any upfront cost.

Depending on the age of your device, this solution may only last so long. Eventually all that time plugged in may degrade the battery or make you feel the need for a dedicated camera solution. But if nothing else, your cats, children, and the furniture won’t be safe from your watchful eye.


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