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Move over SDN; startup looking to go where only Cisco, VMware tread

Jim Duffy | April 9, 2013
Startup Pluribus takes aim at software-defined fabric

VNET assigns physical resources like CPUs, memory, bandwidth, ports and hardware queues into virtual resource groups (VRG) that separate VNETs van use. It also pools IP addresses that hosts and VMs in a VNET can use.

Isolation in a VNET can be achieved through VLANs, VXLAN and IEEE 802.1Qbg, otherwise known as Ethernet Virtual Bridging. Control of VNETs can be through OpenFlow, OpenStack/Quantum, through the Pluribus API and CLI or GUI, C, Unix, scripts, etc.

The F64 hardware is a commodity, merchant silicon-based white box platform. It's a 2RU unit based on Intel/Fulcrum Alta chips, with "large" memory, Pluribus says, and extra PCIe slots for expansion.

The switch is low latency, the company claims, with 4 x 40G ports and 48 x 1G/10G ports. The F64 also includes 4 x 2.5 customer-accessible drive bays for hard disk and solid state drives, and Fusion-io flash storage.

The F64 server/switch and NetVisor software are in limited availability, with general availability in the second quarter.


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