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Ridiculous outrage over rumour Apple will ditch headphone jack

Macworld Australia Staff | Jan. 12, 2016
There's nothing in any Apple documentation that states the need to buy a new iPhone every time a new model is released.

That example is a stretch as the old connector was fragile and could only be inserted one way. Anyone arguing the Lightning connector is inferior is probably not looking at all the facts. And the old adaptor was in plat for a decade so it was hardly a rushed change.

Of course, change is rarely easy. And anyone who has followed Apple over the last three decades will know they rarely hold back on what they perceive to be innovation because of legacy technology. Floppy drives, CD/DVD drives ADB, FireWire 400 and 800 (with different connectors) - all have fallen victim to Apple's march forward.

Even common implementations of USB are for the chopping block if the MacBook, with its single USB-C connector, is a sign of the times.

At no point does Apple put a gun to anyone's head and force them to upgrade.

Amazingly, the petition has managed to get over 240,000 people to sign on the virtual line - with few than 10,000 more signatures needed before the petitioner reaches his or her target of 250,000. Why that number is important is a mystery but in the world of Internet outrage it's probably as good a target as any.

It's easy to get angry about things. And in our world there's a lot to get emotional about. War, famine, mistreatment... all of these are great causes that need our passion.

But to get this much attention for something that hasn't happened, may not happen and, ultimately, matters little given there's no mandatory requirement smacks of petulance and reactive outrage.

Will Apple dropping the 3.5mm jack be an inconvenience to me, if they do it and I buy a new iPhone? Of course it will. I have three sets of headphones I use regularly, two of which are wired. But I'm already carrying an adaptor with me so I can use them on planes where airlines still have those silly two-pronged connectors. So, another small adaptor isn't really a big deal - and certainly not enough to make me dump my rather expensive noise-cancelling headphones.

Source: Macworld AU 


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