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Fujitsu cuts air-conditioner electricity in data centres

Anuradha Shukla | July 18, 2016
Develops highly accurate predictive technology enabling energy-saving by 20 percent.

Fujitsu Laboratories is enabling energy-saving operations of air-conditioning equipment in data centers.

The company has developed highly accurate predictive technology for such metrics as temperature and humidity, which enables energy-saving by 20 percent.

Air-conditioning equipment can account for between 30 percent and 50 percent of total electricity use.

Fujitsu Laboratories' highly accurate prediction technology sequentially builds a model that predicts air-conditioning effects from collected data, enabling reductions in air conditioner energy use.

This technology has enabled reductions in data center electricity consumption, contributing to global warming prevention.

Information from installed sensors

Existing data center air-conditioning equipment operates on the basis of information from a variety of installed sensors.

This helps maintain the target temperature and humidity even when the operating rate of the ICT equipment it contains, such as servers, increases.

When sensor data exceeds a set value, the system carries out rapid cooling for safety reasons, which causes air-conditioning to operate excessively.

Although there are models available in the market that attempt to reduce energy saving at data centers, the new technology from Fujitsu Laboratories is most successful in improving energy saving at data centers, where electricity usage is expected to grow.

The company will be conducting field trials of this technology throughout fiscal 2016 at data centres operated by Fujitsu Limited.

Once the field trials are over, this technology will be put into actual operation in fiscal 2017, and incorporated into Fujitsu's operations management infrastructure software "FUJITSU Software ServerView Infrastructure Manager."


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