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10 things BlackBerry Z10 does that iPhone can't

Al Sacco | April 4, 2013
If non-U.S. shipments during the first couple of months following the Z10's release are any indication, BlackBerry may see even more Z10 shipments than the million devices it moved it in the company's fiscal fourth quarter.

Unlike any of Apple's products, the BlackBerry Z10 has standard charging ports. That means you can use any microUSB power cord or sync cable you may have on hand. And you get access to a larger number of third-party accessories that aren't necessary built just for the Z10 and, therefore, are often cheaper than Apple-specific cords and accessories.

2) BlackBerry 10 and TimeShift Camera

An awesome new camera feature in BlackBerry 10 is the TimeShift camera setting, which helps you capture better pictures of groups of people - particularly children, who may have trouble sitting still. TimeShift takes a rapid series of images and lets you isolate the faces of the subjects in your photos. You can then tap the faces in the picture and "fast forward" or "rewind" them to find the best facial expressions. TimeShift is unique to BlackBerry 10 - you won't find anything like it built into iOS or Android - and it works very well.

3) Expandable Storage up to 64GB

The BlackBerry Z10 supports microSD memory cards up to 64GB, which boosts the device's overall storage capacity to 80GB at a time. (The Z10 only comes in one 16GB model.) I use one 64GB memory card in my device, and I carry around another pair of 64GB cards for a total of more than 200GB of storage at any given time. I have a massive music collection, and I can fit almost all of it on these three media cards. I could also carry additional memory cards if I wanted more storage space. The iPhone doesn't support expandable storage, and the largest storage capacity for iPhone is 64GB.

4) BlackBerry Z10 Removable Battery

Even more valuable than support for microSD media cards is the fact that you can swap out the BlackBerry Z10's 1800-mAh battery. I have yet to find a single smartphone that will last a full day of travel, with heavy use, without charging multiple times. That's why support for removable batteries is an absolutely necessity for meanyone who travels frequently. Spare Z10 batteries can be purchased for less than $25 each on And BlackBerry offers a cool Battery Charger Bundle that comes with a spare battery and a charging dock for simultaneously powering up your Z10 and an extra battery.

5) BlackBerry Z10 Runs Android Apps

The BlackBerry Z10 and its BlackBerry 10 OS may have only a fraction of the applications as iOS, but the Z10 can run not only native BlackBerry apps, but also repackaged or "ported" Android apps. Some official versions of ported Android apps are available in the BlackBerry World app store, but many more can be found online and then manually sideloaded onto your device. You can even repackage your own Android apps if you're willing to put in time and effort - though not all apps will work the way they do on Android.


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