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5 ways to motivate your IT staff without breaking the bank

David Bakke | April 9, 2013
Quality IT personnel are at a premium these days, so keeping them motivated can help ensure that your company offers quick troubleshooting and maintains a healthy information infrastructure

5. Give Them Paid Days Off 

IT staffers, especially at small businesses, are frequently paid by the hour. This affords flexibility, but also perpetuates the notion that they are not part of the team and are valued only on a task-by-task basis. To show your employees that you're grateful for their contributions on a macro level, give them paid days off. If you can cover your bases in terms of scheduling, this won't cost you much money, and it can create a sense of belonging among your IT staff, which is sure to benefit your business long-term.

Final Thoughts

 If you're forced to cut your business budget and you feel that your staff is in danger of being overworked, offer equity in your company. Even a miniscule amount can make a world of difference between an unmotivated wage worker and someone who feels they have a stake in the company's future. Remember, IT professionals tend to be creative by nature, and nothing stifles creativity like repetitive, mundane work. If given a chance to flourish, you may see significant contributions to your company's development from an unlikely place.

How do you think you can keep your IT staff motivated?


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