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6 great Google Chrome gestures for Android and iOS

Ben Patterson | May 25, 2015
With Chrome on your phone, there's no need to dig through menus or take aim at tiny buttons to make the most of your tabs and webpages.

That'll work, but method two is a tad easier: Just tap and hold the address bar.

When you do, a pop-up displaying the page's full URL will appear, along with a "Copy URL" option. Tap it, and you'll have saved yourself an additional tap.

5. Sweep down with your thumb to open the Chrome menu (Android only)

The three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser is the home for a host of critical Chrome features — everything from opening a new tab and opening your bookmarks to sharing a page and searching for keywords.

Aiming your fingertip at the tiny menu button can be a bit of a pain though, especially given that it's so close to the "all tabs" button.

Instead, here's a more elegant way of opening the Chrome menu: Sweep down from the top-right corner of the screen with your thumb or another fingertip (a gesture that, admittedly, is easier for those who hold their Android phones in their right hands).

When you do, the Chrome menu will open — but don't lift your fingertip yet. Instead, slide it to the menu option you want to select, then release, all in one smooth motion.

6. Pull down on a page to reload a page (and more)

For a quicker way to refresh a webpage, try this: Pull down on the page in question with your fingertip, then release when you see the circular "reload" symbol.

But wait, there's more — that is, if you're using Chrome for iOS.

When you pull down a page in Chrome for iPhone, you'll see a couple of additional icons flanking the "reload" symbol: a "+" on the left and an "x" on the right.

As you're pulling down on the page, pull your fingertip a bit to the left, until the "+" sign is highlighted; doing so will open a new Chrome tab.

Or, try this: Instead of pulling your thumb to the left, go right and highlight the "x" sign; that'll close the active tab.


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