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9 hot technology startups to watch in 2012

Brad Reed | Jan. 6, 2012
Nine networking and IT startups that could hit the big-time in 2012.


Founded: 2008 CEO: Tom Brennan, co-founded and served as CFO for early SaaS company OpenAir Headquarters: Boston, and Limerick, Ireland Funding: $650,000 to date from angel investors and Enterprise Ireland

Goshido's team has built what it claims is a unique cloud platform to help enterprise users better organize and deal with the email deluge and spend more time doing actual work. The platform essentially divides messages received into one of two different "concepts": Actions and updates.

For example, let's say you're a tech journalist and you receive an email from your boss assigning you a project to write about hot new startups to watch in 2012. This initial email will be designated an "action" by Goshido, while all follow up emails between you and your editor will be placed into the "updates" folder. So instead of getting all the emails bunched up on the same screen, they are neatly sorted to make it easier to find all the projects you're working on in a timely manner. Users can also prioritize certain actions in their inboxes by assigning them dates for when they're supposed to be completed and then placing them into folders to let you know what actions are due on a given day and which actions are dubbed the most urgent.

Additionally, you can add people you email frequently to a folder where their messages can easily be accessed. This is useful because it means you'll be able to find all of the emails that your editor has sent you on a given day updating you on assignments without wading through the thousands of emails sent from public relations firms pitching you their products.

"Our purpose is to help people cut through the clutter and help teams focus on the things that really matter," explains CEO Tom Brennan. "Right now you're spending too much time dealing with unanswered emails, voice mails and sitting through meeting after meeting that seems like nothing more than an excuse to talk about the next meeting."

The company's service costs $10 per user per month, and Goshido offers consulting, service and support as well. Goshido has also teamed with other software companies, including Jive Software.


Founded: 2009 CEO: J. Scott Benson, a serial entrepreneur with 30 years experience running tech companies, including Valent Software Headquarters: Boston Funding: $1 million from seven unnamed investors

Chris Williams knows you'll think he's crazy when he tells you that Infinetics can help your data center reach its theoretical maximum performance. But that's the Infinetics chief strategist's story and he's sticking with it.

"I tell people when I talk to them about Infinetics that they're going to hear outrageous statements that will make them think I'm either insane or a liar," he says. "But the fact is we have a software system that operators can use to make their networks work three to five times better."


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