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A plan to boost delivery of regional internet content: Telekom Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Jan. 30, 2014
A partnership between Telekom Malaysia and American based Level will essentially allow local caching of high demand content, said TM's Rozaimy Rahman.

signing TM & Level 3 (1) modified 

Photo - Rozaimy Rahman, Executive Vice President, Global & Wholesale, TM (right) exchanging documents with Gary Breauninger, Group Vice President of Wholesale Sales, Level 3 (left), marking the collaboration between both companies for Internet localisation services.


According to Telekom Malaysia and American based enterprise communications firm Level 3, their new partnership will boost regional internet access and content delivery.

Telekom Malaysia [TM] executive vice president, global & wholesale, Rozaimy Rahman said TM's customers will benefit from a more secure and efficient surfing experience with locally cached contents.

The partnership allows TM to cache high demand content on its network for its enterprise and consumer customers, Rozaimy said. "Level 3's localisation service works with the Content Delivery Network [CDN] to route traffic to TM's network."

"This latest effort is also in line with TM's aspiration of becoming an Information Exchange and the region's hub for data communications," he said.

"Malaysia is a growing market and our customers are increasingly demanding for high-performing Internet services to support both business and personal needs," Rozaimy added.

"As such, working with Level 3 will definitely help to enhance TM's customers' surfing experience and also a cost saving prospect in reducing TM's usage of international capacity," he said.

 Rapidly increasing consumption

Rozaimy said that in terms of content localisation, TM has been partnering with several other CDN providers and content owners which include Google and Facebook, to have their caching servers to be located on TM's network.

Level 3's caching servers are hosted at TM's data centre, managed by its ICT/BPO subsidiary VADS Berhad (VADS). To date, VADS has a total of 15 data centres, locally and internationally.

"The rapidly increasing consumption of high-bandwidth content is changing the Internet landscape and altering the way communications providers configure and manage their network infrastructure," said Level 3's group vice president of wholesale sales, Gary Breauninger.

"By leveraging the global reach of the Level 3 network to deliver content closer to high-demand population centers, we are able to dramatically improve content access and provide a richer Internet experience," said Breauninger.

According to an industry research conducted by Cisco, 90 percent of global consumer Internet traffic will be driven by video by 2015 (VNI Forecast Highlights Tool, 2010-2015). Traditional Internet architectures may restrict the ability of the industry to deliver on this growing demand for high-quality digital content, resulting in service degradation and poor viewing quality as content has to travel over a longer distance on remote networks.


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