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An iPhone fan's month with Windows Phone: Week four

Lex Friedman | March 26, 2013
My month with Windows Phone has drawn to a close, and the decision is before me: Do I stick with the Lumia 920, or return to my iPhone 5? There is perhaps no better description of my answer than that provided by the inimitable Peaches and Herb.

I will remember you

After my third week with Windows Phone--following which I noted plenty of my complaints--I heard from a lot of ardent supporters of the platform. Some simply had different experiences than I; they found battery life superior on the Lumia 920 versus the iPhone 5 (I don't), or preferred its email client (which I find clunky and annoying). That's reasonable: This is exactly why they make both chocolate and vanilla.

Other Windows Phone defenders, however, told me that I shouldn't mind the platform's weaknesses so much, because Microsoft has promised improvements are coming, like an enhanced TellMe (its version of Siri), a Notification Center counterpart, and so on.

That's weird. I mean, it's not weird that Microsoft's working on those things--it's very, very smart--but it's weird to say that one shouldn't complain about weaknesses because the company says it's going to address them. I can't test vaporware, and I can't stick with Windows Phone just because there's a chance--no matter how good it is--that it will get better.

Unfortunately, my Frankenphone doesn't exist either. Forced to choose in the real world, I'm picking the iPhone, because--though I have complaints about iOS 6--my nitpicks with it are dwarfed by my irritations with Windows Phone.

But I've seen the competition, and the competition is far from terrible. I'll keep an eye on Windows Phone developments, and as the platform--and, with any luck, its ecosystem--improves, I'll gladly go back and try it again. Though I may not be ready to switch today, I'm convinced, more than ever, that it's possible one day I'll prefer a different company's smartphone.

Besides, I haven't spent a month with an Android phone. Yet.


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