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Android PC numbers increase with Acer's new Haswell desktop

Ian Paul | June 3, 2013
Android on PCs may be a terrible idea, but that isn't stopping PC makers from trying it out in a desperate search for alternatives to Windows 8.

Missing Windows yet?
Even though Acer's AIO will have touch support, when using a PC sometimes only a mouse and keyboard will do. But Android has flaky support for external mice and keyboards, and is missing PC conventions such as right-click context menus.

And does anyone really want to run a PC without a proper desktop windowing system? Microsoft's full-screen approach with the Windows 8 modern UI hasn't won many fans, prompting the company to include a boot-to-desktop option in the upcoming Windows 8.1 refresh.

Finally, putting Android on a PC only serves to confuse the heck out of buyers. Google is already pushing Chrome OS as its low-priced Windows alternative, while Android is simply better suited for small-screen devices.

Nevertheless, Android shines a bright spot for at least one member of the PC industry: Intel appears to be gaining some ground with device makers.

Not only is the chip maker counting on seeing $200 laptops running Android later in 2013, Samsung is reportedly using a Clover Trail Intel Atom chip for an upcoming model of the Android-based Galaxy Tab 3.


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