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Anonymous cyberattack on Israel finds disputed impact

Ellen Messmer | April 9, 2013
Although the hactivist group Anonymous had declared its supporters would attack Israel on April 7 and "erase Israel from cyberspace," the damage from Anonymous so far appears to be minimal to Israeli government and bank websites that are among the main targets. However, now Israeli hactivists are fired up and counter-striking at Palestinian, Iranian and Turkish website targets.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which was also a target of the hackers, said in its report today that it has learned that only a few major websites in Israel were affected by Operation Israel, and then only briefly, including the Education Ministry and Israel Military Industries websites. Haaretz reported that although DDoS attacks were incoming at Israeli targets, mitigation efforts were proving generally successful. Fewer than 100 small websites and 15 large ones were affected for periods ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, it reported.

There was good preparation by the Israeli government and coordination with global ISPs to prepare for the Anonymous attacks, and this helped lessen the impact of the DDoS attacks considerably, says Kenig. "They know what attack tools they use," he added.

Now, however, Israeli hackers are launching their own counterattacks, including the website of the online offensive, posting Israel's national anthem on it, Haaretz reports. Kenig says some of these pro-Israeli attackers have ramped up the cyberconflict, going after online assets in Palestine, Iran and Turkey.


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