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Apple MacBook shows off Intel Core M, new battery technology

Elias Plastiras | March 11, 2015
The new MacBook is a 12-inch model that has been re-designed in many ways to improve efficiency and user comfort, and it looks to be better than the Air. Apple claims that it's just a shade over 13mm at its thickest point, and that it only weighs 900g. This has been made possible due to a higher level of integration and miniaturisation.

The new Trackpad uses force to detect clicks all over the pad, and there is a Taptic engine to provide tactile feedback.

In addition to taps, the new Trackpad can detect force, allowing new gestures to be made. Battery life is said to last all day, with quoted figures such as 10 hours for iTunes video playback. All the spare space in the base has been given to batteries, and Apple engineers had to come up with a way to make use of all the height within the base, too. A terraced design using stacked battery sheets was created in order to produce asymmetric cells that can fit precisely in the unibody metal base.

Sheets making up a terraced battery design.

A terraced battery fitting precisely inside the MacBook's body.

A highly integrated design, dominated by batteries, with the motherboard and touchpad being the only other parts.

Around the edges, there are no vents, and there is only one port (along with the headphone port). It is a USB-C, reversible connector that can be used for the power connector, external storage, and external displays. Wireless connectivity is by way of 802.11ac, 2-stream Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. The antennas are consolidated in the base, rather than snaking up the lid. Wireless charging hasn't been introduced yet, but is sure to come with Intel's next generation of processing technology.

A reversible USB-C connector is the only port.

The USB-C connector enables all of these functions through the same port.

The Apple MacBook with Core M processing will be available from 10 April in two configurations that vary only in CPU speed and storage size:

"12in Retina display "Intel Core M: either 1.1GHz with 2.4GHz Turbo Boost or 1.2GHz with 2.6GHz Turbo Boost"8GB of 1600MHz low power DDR3 RAM"256GB or 512GB PCIe based"Intel HD Graphics 5300"802.11ac Wi-Fi"Bluetooth 4.0"USB-C port (for charging, USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2, VGA, and HDMI)"480p FaceTime camera"Built-in stereo speakers, dual microphones, headphone jack"39.7 Watt-hour lithium-polymer battery

Optional adapters need to be purchased for the VGA and HDMI capabilities.


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