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Apple needs to do more than just change the iPhone design

Farhad Manjoo (via Slate/ SMH) | June 12, 2013
To really fight back against Android, Apple will have to do more than just change its aesthetic.

So why are people buying Androids instead of iPhones? Because Android phones are cheap. In the developing world, where most phones are sold off contract, you can get an Android device for less than $US100. Meanwhile, the cheapest iPhone - the old iPhone 4 - goes for $US400. There have long been rumours that Apple will make a cheaper iPhone to tap this market.

But it will be a tricky thing - Apple has to make a phone that's good enough to be called an iPhone, cheap enough to attract Android buyers, but isn't so good that folks who would otherwise buy the regular iPhone decide to go downmarket. How can it do all that? We're almost certain to find out this year. One thing I'm sure of: The effort will have to involve more than just great design.


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