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Apple says, 'Apple Watch,' the world says 'iWatch'

Al Sacco | May 27, 2015
Many consumers still think of Apple's first smartwatch as the 'iWatch,' as evidenced by a recent trip to San Francisco for a wearable technology conference. The branding confusion represents at least a minor marketing misstep for Apple.

Of course, the fact that lots of folks are calling Apple's first smartwatch the iWatch, even though that is not its name, isn't really a big deal. The name won't significantly affect sales, and it also won't fix many of the software bugs spotted by early users. (My Apple Watch's fitness tracking features pale in comparison to my Fitbit, and in some cases don't work at all, for instance.) 

Regardless, I can't remember the last time I saw a technology product on par with the Apple Watch so frequently "misidentified" in the market, and it's hard to believe Apple didn't see this branding confusion coming -- or do something more to avoid it.


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