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Becoming an innovative anticipator

Lou Markstrom | May 27, 2015
Avoid moving up the maturity curve too quickly, says Lou Markstrom.

Stage 4: Innovative anticipator

With all these skills in place, you are now positioned to be an innovative anticipator. The skill here is innovation, driving solutions and initiatives that are progressing and enhancing business strategy.

A key to remember here is as you move up the levels is that you still need to perform at the previous levels on a daily basis. Think of Level 1 (IT supplier) -- you still need to do well everything associated with that level. These are the basics or fundamentals that you need to master.

If you don't, the organisation will collapse down from whichever level you may have reached. If you can't reliably deliver as a supplier, there is no way you can move to being a solution provider and so on.

Two mistakes to avoid are attempting to move up the curve too quickly and thinking you are at a different level than you are and consequently attempting to jump or skip a level. The result will be falling back to the level which you need to focus on, so that you can build those skills and you have the opportunity to progress.


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