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BlackBerry tip: How to avoid a "Bricked" or "Nuked" BlackBerry

Al Sacco | Nov. 15, 2011
The modern BlackBerry smartphone can be "quirky," to put it mildly.

When the application finally finished downloading and installing, App World told me that I needed to reboot my BlackBerry to finish the installation. So I did. And I ended up with a nuked 'Berry. Again.

The lesson here: BlackBerry App World should only ask you to confirm an application update once. If you're updating a BlackBerry application via App World, and the store asks you more than once to confirm an application update, DO NOT just keep confirming the prompts until the app finishes downloading. If you do, you'll likely end up with a useless BlackBerry.

Instead, Click "No" when the multiple prompts ask if you want to confirm the update, then delete the application from your handheld and reinstall it via BlackBerry App World. This should leave you with the latest version of the application and you won't brick your BlackBerry in the process of updating.



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