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California's Tegile debuts in Malaysia: interview

AvantiKumar | May 22, 2015
The rapidly growing storage startup is offering its award-winning enterprise storage solutions to Asian enterprises and SMBs.

TEGILE in Malaysia 

Photo - (From left) Winston Chai, Managing Director, Impact Business Solutions Sdn Bhd; and Bill Cordero, Vice President of Worldwide Channels, Tegile Systems, join hands to provide flexible and powerful solution for enterprises or small and medium businesses (SMBs).


With the official launch in Malaysia of its award-winning flash-driven T-series data arrays, California-based Tegile Systems delivers power and flexibility to Asian enterprises and SMBs to better meet the ongoing storage conundrum, said the fast-emerging flash storage solutions manufacturing startup.

Computerworld Malaysia asked the two visiting Tegile Systems (Tegile) senior executives, vice president of worldwide channels, Bill Cordero and product marketing manager, Chris Tsilipounidakis, together with Malaysian channel partner Impact Business Solutions' director Winston Chai, to talk through their plans for Malaysia and Asia in the coming 12 months.

Tsilipounidakis first explained some of the technical background to the value delivered by their solutions. "The solutions' architecture has been built from the ground up to now offer what we believe strongly differentiates us in the enterprise-grade storage industry."

"Keeping the costs per IOPS (input/output operations per second) is a priority for us," he added. "Some vendors are obsessing over 1 million IOPS but the reality is most operations require and operate at much lower IOPS so We also focus on delivering quality and flexibility: on a flash-optimised architecture called IntelliFlash, which is generating tremendous customer interest. This approach delivers on performance and helps to drive down storage costs."

A company description of IntelliFlash said that it was designed to give companies the flexibility of using all flash, or a mixture of flash and hard disk in their storage systems. The management of different types of storage media [RAID, redundant array of independent disks], geared to enterprise applications, and delivered by patented metadata acceleration and media optimisation technologies. This includes the following functions:
- Writes are aligned to sector boundaries for disks and to native page sizes of flash to avoid fragmented I/O and unnecessary media writes
- Flash wear is continually tracked and data are relocated to ensure uniform wear across flash pages.
- Data are de-duplicated & compressed before writing to media minimizing writes and extending media life


Chris T - Tegile

Photo - Chris Tsilipounidakis, Product Marketing Manager, Tegile


"What this means is that IntelliFlash optimises data layout for the underlying geometry of the medium (flash or hard disk) to ensure long life even under high I/O workload," said Tsilipounidakis, and described how the system worked by virtualising and aggregating physical media into resource pools and then using a flash-optimised RAID scheme, IntelliFlash delivered consistent I/O performance with lower capacity overhead.


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