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Cellebrite: Decoding mobile data, CSI Style

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 21, 2013
Zafar Anjum spends some time with Dave Golding, GM of Cellebrite APAC to learn about the unique offerings of his company in the cellphone retail and diagnostics areas

That is not the case in Singapore, and that is not the case in the UK either, for that matter. It differs, but again, we are talking about a grey area of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies, and sometimes, even if you need a court order, they do not necessarily get a court order. But this is a very important market, which is growing at an enormous rate. We have several other products, which enhance our basic offering. One of the things that we are doing, one that is particularly relevant here, but also there is relevance in other markets, is the ability to support Chinese phones.

Zafar:  That is interesting. I heard that in the report, as well. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Dave:   There is a big difference between our retail capability and our forensic capability. Again, on the retail side, we support all the major operating systems, but you have these very low-cost Chinese phones, which they are producing en masse. In the retail side, we cannot support them all, because basically there are just too many of them and they are being produced so quickly, and especially if they are not the usual suspects, if they are not HTC or LG or Samsung or Blackberry or whatever, and if they are not Android, we have a problem, just because of volume-wise of supporting these phones.

The reason for that, again, is because our necessity is not just to extract, it is to read it and write it. It is more complicated, like two levels. On the forensic side, all we have to do is have the ability to extract it. We have a thing, a subproduct call the Chinex, and we basically can extract all the information from Chinese phones. That is hugely important, because basically what happens, or what has happened recently, is they have stopped the criminal element. They buy very cheap phones, prepaid. They use it, and they throw it away. But today, if the police get hold of this empty case of the Chinese phone, they can actually extract via our machinery. They can actually extract all the data.


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