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Chinese 'Comment Crew' hackers emptied QinetiQ of top-secret military data

John E Dunn | May 6, 2013
US firm complacent about serious breaches, Bloomberg alleges

The damage done by the years-long thefts is harder to assess but must have compromised US military superiority in a range of spheres including helicopters and robotics as well as some of this infomatics systems used by them during a military conflict.

It's already been noticed how similar some Chinese drone designs are to the US designs on which they were almost certainly based.

Third-party assessments are that QNA was so successfully attacked that there is probably nothing left for the Chinese to steal.

QinetiQ's story started in contentious fashion after it was hived off at an infamously knock-down price in 2001 from the UK's Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA) with the help of US investor Carlyle Group.

Critics complained that Carlyle had been handed huge amounts of valuable British research IP at a steal. QNA formed its own board in 2004 before the whole group went public in 2006.

As for the other actor in all this, the so-called Chinese Comment Crew hackers, one of the consultants used by QNA, Mandiant, made its global name after a report that not only explored the group's activities but even identified the building they work from.


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