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Chromebooks spank Windows

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | Jan. 19, 2015
Over the holidays, Microsoft and friends tried to beat back the rise of Chromebooks. They failed. Badly.

Now, I really like Chromebooks and I really dislike Windows 8.x laptops, but I'm still surprised by these results. I was nearly as sure as Microsoft was that its plan would work. I thought Chromebooks would hang in there, but I never expected them to beat the cheap Windows 8.x devices so thoroughly.

It appears that Windows 8.x has done what Vista and other notable Microsoft failures couldn't do. It's managed to disgust once true-blue Microsoft customers so much that they are looking elsewhere for their PCs. And Chromebooks are becoming their laptop of choice.

This is a big blow for Microsoft, even though I foresee it moving away from the desktop for its profits anyway. In fact, if those holiday sales translate to other retailers besides Amazon, and if Windows 8.2 -- er, I mean Windows 10 -- isn't a huge success, it looks to me like the desktop market of 2017 may have a new leader: Chrome OS.


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