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Cyber security incidents up 147 percent: CyberSecurity Malaysia

AvantiKumar | July 19, 2011
Cyber security issues could hamper ICT development in the country, shows half-year review.

CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO Lt. Col. Dato' Husin Jazri (Retired)

PHOTO - CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO YBhg. Lt Col Dato' Prof. Husin Jazri (Retired).

Cyber security concerns must be managed, otherwise Malaysia's ICT growth could be affected, according to Malaysian government agency CyberSecurity Malaysia, during a half-yearly review of reported incidents, which showed an increase by 147 per cent.

"The rapid development of ICT industry supported by various innovation-based approach has enhanced the socio-economic and competitiveness of the country," said CyberSecurity Malaysia chief executive officer, YBhg. Lt Col Dato' Prof. Husin Jazri (Retired) speaking on 15 July. "However, the use of ICT has also revealed various forms of cyber threats."

"If this threat is not contained and if the public is not appropriately educated to counter it, then the threat could undermine and destroy the nation's well-being," said Husin. "This is our first official media briefing on the cyber security scenario in Malaysia. It is based on our analysis, evaluation, observations and findings on the Cyber999 Help Centre statistical data within the first half of 2011."

He said the Cyber999 Help Centre, which was launched in 2009, is a one-stop public service centre mainly for Internet users to lodge reports on cyber security incidents. "Since it started its operation eight years ago (2002), the centre has recorded a total of 22,208 cyber security related incidents."

"For the first half of 2011, a total of 7,404 cyber security incidents were handled by CyberSecurity Malaysia's Cyber999 Security Incident Help Centre compared to 2,991 incidents reported in the first half of 2010," said Husin. "The number of incidents had increased significantly compared to last year with an increase of 147 per cent."


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

"The trend of incidents reported in the first half of 2011 is similar to the trend in the first half of 2010 in terms of categories," Husin added. "Within the first six months, all cyber security incidents categories have recorded a significant increase, with fraud-related incidents leading the list, followed by spam, intrusion and others."

"With the increase of Internet usage, we are constantly exposed to various types of cyber threats," he said. "However, it does not mean we should reject the development of the technology. For a country that is progressing and developing, people should use and embrace the technology. Subsequently, efforts should be made to increase cyber security awareness among the Internet users in Malaysia."

"The increase of cyber security incidents in Malaysia is closely related to the increase of the Internet usage in the country," he said. "At present, Malaysia has more than 17 million Internet users and the number is growing due to the support from the robust development of broadband infrastructure."


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