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Don't forget one of Linux's best features: How to use multiple workspaces

Chris Hoffman | March 10, 2015
Windows users have long been jealous of workspaces--also called virtual desktops or multiple desktops--on Linux. But many Linux desktops have hidden this feature by default in recent years. Soon, Windows users will have multiple desktop workspaces enabled by default--and many Linux users won't.

On some desktops, you may also be able to grab a window's title bar and drag it to the edge of the screen. The screen will flip over to the adjacent workspace, and you can drop the window there.

So, what can you do with workspaces? Anything you want! Let's say you work on your computer, as many of us do. You could have one workspace dedicated to work with all your work applications. You could have another for goofing off and browsing Reddit when you need to recharge. It's a way to organize all your open windows into different groups.


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