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Dropping Dropbox: Exploring alternatives

Christopher Breen | July 8, 2014
For purely personal reasons I've chosen to abandon Dropbox. But that doesn't mean my desire to share files with others has likewise vanished. I need an alternative that includes many of the things offered by Dropbox.

In those cases where I do have large files — and I'm not sharing government secrets — I turn to OneDrive. It's tough to argue with a free 15 GB of storage (though, apparently it is for me when that 15 GB is Google's and I'm suspicious of its motives). While file sharing from the Finder would be welcome, sending a share link from my web browser isn't a terrible inconvenience.

Although I'm mostly comfortable with this compromise, I dearly wish that Apple would jump into online storage with both feet and make all of these services unnecessary. The ability to share large files via email in Yosemite is attractive, but why not take the next step and let me use a method other than Mail to share large files with others? As do other people I respect, I believe Apple holds the high ground when it comes to privacy, thus taking care of my I-don't-trust-Google problem. If Apple were to provide me with a reasonable amount of free storage (and that means double-digit gigabyte storage versus today's miserly 5 GB limit) and tools that make it easy for me to share files within the Finder, from iOS devices, and in a web browser, any vestigial regrets I may have had about dropping Dropbox would vanish in an instant.


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