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easyJet uses ‘personas’ to migrate 9,000 employees to Windows 7 from XP

Derek du Preez | March 25, 2013
Low cost airline easyJet has migrated its 9,000 employees to Windows 7 after sweating its XP assets for seven years, and enrolled managed service provider Avanade to support the project.

Caddy also noted that in his professional career he has been responsible for three major OS upgrades and for each one the business case has been difficult.

"Businesses cases are always hard - it's difficult to justify desktop projects. If you make someone five percent more productive, how do you justify that? However, because we had sweated the assets for such a long time, we managed to get the investment we needed. We got the CFO on board and he had no problem with it," he said.

"We have obviously made a big investment here, but we have seen a huge decrease in support costs. Also, we got our latest employee satisfaction survey through at the end of last year, which said that IT is no longer an issue."

He added: "It was great to have such a clear metric that the project made a difference to our employees."


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