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Experts to IoT makers: Bake in security

Tim Greene | Sept. 15, 2015
Rush to sell devices shouldn’t override need to secure them and protect networks.

He says UL is coming up with standards for the design phase to include redundancy and diversity so that if one system fails, a backup that fails differently is in place to take over.

Fernando says the types of regulations devices are subject to can be influenced by the claims made by the companies that make them. A weight-loss product might be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration if it made claims to treat obesity – a medical condition, but not if it claimed to manage weight.

Developers of IoT devices should think about the “problem state” of the device – what happens if someone tries to exploit it – as soon as possible during the design phase. If the device transmits data, developers should consider how it might encrypt that data it to reduce dangers.


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