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Feds lead biggest botnet takedown ever, end massive clickjack fraud

Gregg Keizer | Nov. 11, 2011
The botnet takedown announced Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Justice was the biggest in history, according to a security company.

ISC will operate the replacement DSN servers for 120 days, long enough, authorities said Wednesday, for users and Internet service providers (ISPs) to identify and scrub infected computers of the DNS Changer malware.

Unlike other botnet takedowns, such as the one aimed at Coreflood earlier this year, the DOJ will not remotely clean infected systems.

The FBI has posted instructions ( download PDF ) that people can use to determine whether their DNS records have been scrambled by the alleged hackers.

The agency has also created a tool that checks for DSN settings that may be among those controlled by the gang.

Microsoft, which has assisted in several botnet takedowns this year but did not participate in what authorities yesterday described as "Operation Ghost Click," praised the botnet crippling.

"We commend the FBI and Department of Justice for the arrests, which we see as progress in the ongoing effort to hold cybercriminals accountable for their actions," Microsoft said in a statement late Wednesday.


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