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Fetch for Apple Watch is your wrist-based, ecommerce concierge

James A. Martin | May 28, 2015
Would you pay $10 a month for the ability to speak into an Apple Watch and have a personal "concierge" shop for you or book travel tickets?

I asked Fetch to book me a round-trip flight from San Francisco to New York, departing June 3 and returning June 6. Fetch responded by asking for my name "as it appears on your license" and my birthdate, because I hadn't filled out my Fetch traveler profile. The service found a $616.20 round-trip on Virgin America from SFO to JFK, and it also let me know that Virgin had other available times. And for $450, I could fly into Newark, Fetch told me, though I found an even cheaper flight to Newark on Kayak for $438. 

I'm impressed with Fetch's clever combination of artificial and human intelligence. The service is fun to use on an Apple Watch and delivers trustworthy information, at least in my experience. It should come in handy for executives or other big shots who are starved for time but not necessarily money.

For most people, though, the $10 monthly fee is probably too steep. After all, it's not exactly a huge burden to buy stuff on mobile devices these days, especially if you use an ecommerce app like Amazon's.


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