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For customers, it's about applications and devices, not networks: Avaya's SVP

Shubhra Rishi | Feb. 13, 2013
Avaya's SVP talk about the networking business, software-designed networking and its acquisitions.

According to a report, global Ethernet switch revenues topped $5 billion in 2012. Even your overall revenues have grown. What's the secret?

The main contributor is putting in place a unique strategy. You don't realize the uptake in revenues for multiple quarters. You see the demand for collaboration is taking off, and a lot of it has been driven by users. In the past, the demand for network and network revenues was mostly dictated by the growth in the enterprise. Now, just the consumption of data is causing Ethernet to grow, regardless of whether enterprises are growing or not. A lot of growth in Ethernet switches is also attributed to the dynamics of the 2000s.

The fluctuations in the economy caused a lot of enterprise customers to delay upgrading their network. But now that's changing. The amount of data consumption is forcing companies to upgrade their networks.

How have some of your acquisitions revamped your product offering?

At Avaya, we have the applications, clients and the networking capability to bring that user-experience and solve business problems. That was one of the major reasons Avaya bought Nortel assets and took advantage of the networking components to be able to offer an end-to-end stack of communication tools. In terms of our collaboration offerings, with the advent of FaceTime and Skype, not just Indian, but customers worldwide too want immediate video communication. At Avaya, we recognized that collaboration is a real-time application and that we need to be able to offer our customers a high-definition video offering at low-bandwidth. We bought Radvision for that reason. So at a time when other vendors are thinking bigger is better, we focus on ease of usability, quality, and agility in our products.


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