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Fujitsu Laboratories’ new wearable offers “air writing” functionality

Zafirah Salim | Jan. 15, 2015
The ring-type wearable device can be used to enter numbers and take notes using handwriting in the air.

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, has designed a wearable ring-type device that makes it easy to draw letterforms in the air as a means of selecting displayed content and taking notes.

This is made possible using a recognition technology that uses motion sensors built into the ring to trace the movements of the operator's finger. As the operator writes in the air, the technology uses that information to extract the motion components for input and character recognition.

In a media statement, the Japan-based research centre said that the technology helps to correct the letterform tracings, improving character recognition accuracy and enabling recognition of everything from numbers to Chinese characters.

Furthermore, with a built-in near-field communications (NFC) tag reader, this device enables the operator to tap on a tagged object to display the appropriate information on a relevant operation's details or instructions. This allows operators to manipulate data without stopping what they are doing and with a minimum of movement, even while holding other tools.

Fujitsu Laboratories said that it intends to implement real-world usability of this wearable by this year. It also hopes to leverage the power of ICT to nurture a Human Centric Intelligent Society that generates creative innovations, it added. 


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