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Galaxy S IV design reportedly finalized, along with pint-sized variant

Jon Gold | Feb. 15, 2013
Also, an early exit for Exynos, HTC counts down to MWC, and Nike insults the Android community (kind of)

Elsewhere, HTC has a big clock counting down to 11 a.m. EST on Monday, which I can only assume means they're going to announce an amazing new phone that, due to their awful carrier deals, will only be available on U.S. Cellular. No, seriously, my money's on the M7, which could be HTC's biggest-deal multi-platform device in a long time.

HP - yes, that HP - is planning to get back into the gadget market with a Tegra 4-powered tablet running on Android sometime this year, according to ReadWrite.

You may remember HP as the guys and gals behind WebOS, but ReadWrite points out that the company has been tangentially involved in the Android world for a couple years now. Personally, I think it's a more beneficial partnership for Google than it is for HP - Android could benefit from HP's experience in the business world - but it's tough to see any immediate pitfalls for either side.

Oh, Nike. You make ads so expertly, yet you're so bad at PR. The sportswear company axed its plans to make an Android app for its FuelBand tracking bracelet, which has some folks a little peeved in the Android community.


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